Define your market relevance with Appreciation Certified™

Appreciation Certified benchmarks customer experience and loyalty using a rigorous, scientific approach you can trust.

How Appreciation Certified™ works

We define the head and heart drivers of the ultimate customer experience process.

Why become Appreciation Certified™?

You’ve worked hard to build a great reputation, how do you prove it?

The market wants to know who it can trust. Becoming Appreciation Certified™ is your guarantee of service excellence, determined by those the market trusts the most – your paying customers.


Appreciation CertifiedTM is for small business

Measure and optimise customer experience to boost customer loyalty for sustainable growth.

Appreciation CertifiedTM is for big business

Dominate the market by being known for your service excellence. Maximise the value of your existing customers through referrals and repeat business.

Appreciation CertifiedTM is for Multi-site, Dealerships & Franchised businesses

Use Appreciation Certified™ to ensure consistency and accountability across your business. Identify areas that hold you back and discover who your customer service champions are.

Appreciation CertifiedTM for Mergers & Acquisitions

Appreciation Certified™ adds depth to your Due Diligence. Benchmark the true value of the customer base and intentions of the marketplace.

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“With their strategy and support, Saguity are helping my management team grow, develop and own an improved customer experience and they’re helping me in my role to prioritise and deliver. Client appreciation measurement and supporting continuous improvement has become embedded in our organisation because of a real partnership in action with Saguity.”

Geoff Bailey, Executive General Manager, AMCAP

“APT lives and breathes best practice in customer service and Saguity are our partners in the process. Recommending them is easy. If you want to truly understand your customers’ experience, Saguity gives you a picture of where you are, where you need to be and how to get there.”

John Barnett, Executive General Manager Operations, APT Group

“Over the last four years, as we’ve been on our corporate culture improvement journey, our sales growth has been exceptional. Being able to measure the results via Saguity’s survey and reporting processes, we have the tangible evidence to show what we are doing is working. If you are looking to understand your clients, to get beyond the mundane and find out what matters to them, call Saguity”

Dan Lovell, Managing Director, Karndean Design Flooring


Saguity CEO Darrell Hardidge is constantly sharing proven new strategies with leaders who wish to stay ahead of the game. Click below to download Darrell’s white papers The Power of 10/10 or Five Business Benefits of the Client Appreciation Index. Build your knowledge on the connection between a great customer experience and loyalty and challenge the beliefs of your company and its culture.



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