CX Assurance™


In a merger or acquisition, one of the big unknown factors in the DD process is the loyalty and value of the customer base in question. How we assess a bussiness and its performance when delivering quality service hasn’t changed much. In most cases the methodology relies upon past financials and assessments based on the opinions and benchmarks of generic sources.

This has resulted in inaccurate valuations and, in some cases, grossly overvalued business mergers and acquisitions. Rarely do businesses take the customer experience process into consideration when assessing customer loyalty and goodwill, and this is the primary cause of its existence. The main reason for this assessment error is not having the correct data to make an accurate judgement call on the goodwill factor of the customer base.

Saguity has reinvented the process of measuring and understanding the loyalty of a customer base and  their future intentions of doing business with a company again. Its process enables a very accurate and clear understanding of what the real state of play is around customer loyalty and how this reflects the marketing and sales forecasting.

Saguity’s measurement ensures a true assessment of a team’s performance on service delivery. This is a critical component of the DD process. It enables an outside-in review of business processes and its leadership team’s performance. Saguity has proven a powerful link between company culture and loyalty and, most importantly, its predictability how it impacts margin.

The key points of difference with CX Assurance™


  • Provides an accurate measurement of customer loyalty that can be segmented by customer group, locations, management, product and services, client longevity, etc.
  • Enables forensic assessment of sales to referrals to repeat transactions and value for money
  • Ensures valuation modelling matches the future intentions of the market and their reliability to future revenue
  • Reduces the risk of accuracy associated with common DD process
  • Ensures the integrity of the CX data in DD process and audited with accurate customer experience assessment
  • Proven methodology to challenge cashflow forecasting and loyalty
  • Enables an assessment of the competitive wallet share in the customer base, how relevant are the main competitors and how deep are they into the pockets of the customers in question. This area is rarely understood and the threat can be significant.

CX Assurance has evolved from the precise understanding of what drives loyalty and why. From over 500k real-time customer interviews across multiple industries, the connection between a great customer experience and loyalty is undeniable. Likewise, when the service experience is poor so is the loyalty, and therefore future cashflow forecasting is at risk.

Saguity has innovated this new metric in DD for mergers and acquisitions and enables the vendor and the purchaser to accurately assess the value of the customer base. The strategy of the merger or acquisition and its intention will determine how the direction of the CX Assurance process can be implemented. Saguity can provide the insights and the understanding of the customer base in question like never before. This is a completely new approach. This is what sets our process apart from the currently outdated DD model of past financial assessments of future customer loyalty.